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Turn-key Land Development

More than just a builder, civil engineer, and site contractor. Whether you want to hire us to tear down & build a new house on your lot, invest in one of our projects, or sell your property as-is, our goal is to make the process easy for you.  

  • Residential Site Developers since 1989.

  • In-house Civil & Environmental Engineering Firm.

  • Fourth Generation Home Builders.

Building Is What We Do

The DeMarr Team is on it.

Land Acquisitions

We are always on the search for land. 

We buy properties in as-is condition.


We want properties in need of renovation, rehab, or demolition.


From initial glance, if the property looks interesting to us, we'll immediately put a contract on it with a quick study period.


If our feasibility study confirms the property meets our requirements, we'll move forward with purchasing the property. 

If you have a property you would like to sell to us, please fill out the form here

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Architectural Plans
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Land Planning

Once we acquire a piece of land, it is then handed off to our planning team for the beginning stage of development plans:

  • Land Surveyor

  • Arborist

  • Civil & Environmental Engineer

  • Architect

  • Builder

This team handles all the plans and permitting. 


Once planning is complete, the approved plans and permit are then handed off to our construction team to start building: 

  • Site Development

    • Erosion Control & Tree Protection

    • Demolition of Existing Features

    • Land Clearing​

    • Excavation & Grading

    • Underground Utilities

  • Building​

    • Concrete Foundation​

    • Framing

    • Custom Finishes

  • Landscaping ​

  • Final Closeout & Occupancy Permit

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Who We Are

About Our Company

The DeMarr family has been in the Site Development business since 1989 and were homebuilders in the decades prior to 1989. Our family of DeMarr Companies are experts in Land Development, it's in our blood.


The family legacy continues as the current DeMarr brothers, working in the family business, are fourth generation home builders.

Our Role

We handle the entire Land Development Process

From Initial Land Acquisition, Development, to final Occupancy Permit, and everything in between, we handle everything start to finish.

Civil & Environmental 


Site Management

Residential Construction

Commercial Construction

Site Development

Infrastructure Construction

Special Projecdts

Asset Management

Invest with Us

Investment Opportunities

As a passive investor, you can purchase a stakeholder share in one of our many real estate development projects without the hassle of daily project management. 

Note: Due to SEC regulations we can only accept investments from Accredited Investors. 

We do not offer financial advice, and we are not an investment advisor. Please consult with legal and financial advisors before investing with us. 

Our Development Partners

With the right team, anything is possible. 

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